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kinky Rules

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█████████ ♛ Kinky ♛  Rules ██████████████

It's mandatory to read:

✔ This event is open to any type of items, as long as it follow the theme of the event (clothes, furniture, accessories, tattoos, mesh body parts, etc. )

✔ Kinky rounds starts the 28th of each months. It is mandatory that you participate at least every 3 rounds.

✔ Kinky rounds ends the 19th of each months.

✔ It's mandatory that you either rezz the subscriber in your mainstore location.

✔ It's mandatory to be in Kinky event group.

✔ You have until the 26th of each months (7 pm slt) to setup for the event.

✔ Your exclusive item cannot be sold anywhere else for the duration of the event.

✔ Any item with copyright (see TOS: issues will be return to their creator before the beginning of the event. We will not tolerate nor endorse such creations.

✔  You will be allowed 20 prims/ 1.800L per event. (no refund and this fee is non negociable). The prims can be used at your convenience to display and decorate.
Sponsors 30 prims /2.200L Ps: Sponsors are invited.

✔ Please respect your neighbors by keeping your vendor in your allowed space. No decoration outside the shop. Landmark, vendor scripts, Redelivery are allowed.

✔ Designer and bloggers contact : Guilhermedandretti and Audrey Guter

THIS IS YOUR RESPONSABILITY to apply and confirm your presence and PAY FEES before the deadline. YOU WILL BE REPLACED IF YOU ARE NOT ON TIME! No exceptions.

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